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International Mine Awareness Day 4 April 2018-04-12              On the occasion of the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, on April 11-th of this year by the initiative of the national mine action center in Armenia “Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise” SNCO a seminar- meeting named “Armenia against Mines” took place in the academic council session hall of Yerevan State University. The university active was present during the seminar-meeting. The goal of the meeting was to inform the youth about mine impact in RA, it’s consequences, the rules of safe behavior in order to avoid mine impacts and the issues of victims living in our country. The start of the seminar-meeting launched with the exhibition organized in the entrance hall. Educational mines, deminer’s outfit, mine detectors, warning signs on mine impact, mine risk education posters and photos of mine victims were displayed in the exhibition. Before the start of the seminar the participants hold a minute’s silence for the memory of deminers killed during demining activities on March 29 in the territory of the Republic of Artsakh. The meeting was opened with the welcome speech of YSU vice-rector Ruben Markosyan. Within the seminar CHDE SNCO director Ruben Arakelyan, Democratic Governance Portfolio Analyst of United Nations Development Programme in Armenia Alla BAkunts, Weapon Contamination Coordinator of International Committee of the Red Cross Paramdeep Bhopinder Mtharu, director of “Satar” NGO for the Disabled Hunan Hunanyan and mine explosion survivor, who bravely went through the hard path, Aleksandr Bayanduryan directed their short speeches towards the youth. The meeting was held by the head of the CHDE SNCO Mine Risk Education and Victims Assistance department (MRE/VA) Anna Aslanyan. Within the speeches it was pointed out that in the whole world, including Armenia, approximately 10.000 people annually die as a result of mine explosion, 20.000 people get different degrees of body injuries. 30% of the victims are children. There exist mine impacted areas in Armenia’s 4 regions (Tavush, Syunik, Gegharkunik, Vayots Dzor), totaling to more than 17 million km 2  of the total area. Over 35.000 people live neighboring the mine impacted areas, who put their lives and health under risk by living in these areas. Mine impact hinders the country’s social-economic development, distorts the natural flow of peoples’ lives and fosters emigration. The seminar was marked with the premiere of the video clip, where the stories of mine victims and the vital problem of demining activities in mine impacted areas was displayed. As well the director of “Satar” NGO for the Disabled Hunan Hunanyan handed certificates of appreciation to CHDE SNCO Director Ruben Arakelyan and CHDE SNCO specialist on Victims Assistance Gayane Simonyan for intiensive activities on keeping in attention the issues of militant persons with disabilitites. In the end of the seminar CHDE SNCO employees and guests answered the questions given by the students and journalists.
Humanitarian Mission in Syria 2019-02-08 Today on 8th of February a group of Armenian humanitarian deminers, doctors and those who provide their safety (total 83 person) have arrived in Syrian Arab Republic (Aleppo city) to provide humanitarian profesional support to Syrian people. Armenian specialists are going to implement humanitarian demining, mine risk education, medical services exclusively in the areas free from military operations. Follow the process of humanitarian mission in Syria on our Facebook page.
Camp 2018 2018-08-10             It’s been three years that CHDE SNCO has continuously been organizing a summer educational and rehabilitation camp for children from mine victims’ families, living in mine affected communities, children from poor families, as well as those of contracted servicemen. Children     from     Ministry     of     Emergency     Situations     (MES), Republic   of   Artsakh,   Yerevan   and   RA   other   regions,   as   well   as from Syria also took part in the camp. The   goal   of   the   camp   is   to   inform   the   youth   form   mine   affected   communities   about   mine   risk, introduce   standards   on   safe   behavior,   as   well   as   organize   rehabilitation   camp   for   children   coming from mine victims’ families and living in communities holding permanent mine threat.  
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