CHDE SNCO participated at the ArmSecurity EXPO 2017 2017-09-04 From 2-4 September, 2017 the ArmSecurity International Exhibition of Civil Security High Technologies took place in Yerevan. The CHDE SNCO also took part in this vital event, presenting itself together with the Croatian DOK-ING Ltd company. The world leading companies and organizations of the field have been presented at the Expo. The Expo has been visited by the RA Minister of Defense V. Sargsyan and RA Minister of Emergency Situations D. Tonoyan, as well as by other officials and foreign and local guests. The showroom of the CHDE SNCO and DOK-ING  gained a big interest of the visitors. It has been visited by the RA Defense Minister and RA Minister of Emergency Situations as well. Some Russian and foreign companies, as well as journalists, have also expressed their interest towards the showroom.
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23 children from Armenia will spend their rest in Croatia 2017-08-28 On 28-th August, 2017, the 23 children from Armenia have been sent to Croatia as a result of the CHDE SNCO initiative. It aims to provide the opportunity for the children from the borderline regions of Armenia to change anyhow the stressful environment, to rehabilitate and contact with their foreign age-mates. The initiative is being implemented within the frames of the cooperation between the CHDE SNCO and Croatian Red Cross. The children from 18 borderline villages of the Tavush region, including also the children of the co-workers of the RA Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, will spend their one –week- rest at the city of Novi Vinodolsk, Adriatic sea, in the camp of the Croatian Red Cross. The Trade Union organization of the RA MES has presented the pocket –money package to every child as a part of its assistance. The children were all much excited. For many of them, this was going to be the first experience of flying abroad and being outside of Armenia. We wish a good flight and a full recovery to all our young co-patriots.
“ArmHiTec-2018” international exhibition of arms and defense technologies 2018-04-02 In accordance with the decision of Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia, Second International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies “ArmHiTec 2018” took place in Yerevan from March 29-31. “Center For Humanitarian Demining and Expertise” SNCO together with the Croatian DOK-ING Ltd also took part in this important event.RA President Serzh Sargsyan was greately interested in CHDE SNCO pavilion. He was accompanied by RA Minister of Defence Vigen Sargsyan, Minister of Emergency Situations of RA Davit Tonoyan and other officials. There were represented the demining activities implemented by CHDE SNCO, as well as the demining machines produced by DOK-ING Ltd. The pavilion also cought the interest of many journalists, exhibitors and visitors.
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