The visit of ICRC representatives to CHDE SNCO 2017-07-25 On 25 July,  2017  the CHDE SNCO had a working meeting with the representatives of the ICRC Paramdeep Mtharu and Cristopher Herby. During the meeting the current state of the mutual cooperation, as well as the future development plans have been discussed.
Delegation of children from mine risk zones of Croatia arrives to Armenia 2017-07-02 On the 2-th July, 2017 the delegation of children from Croatia arrived to Yerevan, according to the invitation of the Center of Humanitarian Demining and Expertise SNCO. The delegation of 9 people consists of 7 children and 2 adult coordinators. The children have been specially chosen out of the mine risk zones of Croatia. The staff of the CHDE met the delegation at the “Zvartnotz” airport early in the morning, following which, the delegation took its way towards “Rock” resort at the lake Sevan, accompanied by the CHDE staff. The Croatian children are going to spend their 7-day-long holidays together with 24 Armenian children, who have been also specially selected out of the borderline and mine risk zones.
Visit of The Halo Trust representatives to CHDE SNCO 2017-08-11 On 11 th  August, 2017 the representatives of The Halo Trust organization Ash Boddy and Michael Newton visited the CHDE SNCO. The aim of the visit was to discuss the scopes of the future mutual cooperation. During the resultative meeting the two sides presented the possible future mutual projects, as well as the terms for the further meetings and discussions have been set up.
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