Visit of the representative of the Croatian DOK-ING company to CHDE SNCO 2017-06-08 On June 8, this year, the representative of the Croatian Company DOK-ING Konstantin Darmaniyan visited CHDE SNCO. DOK- ING is the world leading company in the design and production of modern robotics. Its multi-purpose robotic systems have been already successfully used in the 34 countries of the world, including USA and Russia. The aim of the visit was to present the major DOK-ING product – the MV4 mine clearance system. The latter has an impressive list of privileges over the other existing demining techniques. It is able to clear daily around 2500- 3000 m2, clears all antipersonnel mines and can withstand explosion of antivehicle mine under its clearing tool with minimum damage. It is not too heavy, which makes the transportation easy, and many other features. During the visit, the possible use of the presented MV-4 in Armenia was discussed, as well as the possible terms of its acquisition. At the end, Mr. Darmaniyan, on behalf of DOK-ING company, handed solemnly the mini-model of the MV4 mine clearance system to Director of CHDE SNCO Ruben Arakelyan.
Meeting with the delegation from Croatia 2017-04-26 On April 26 of this year a meeting with the delegation from Croatia was held at the “Centre for Humanitarian Demining and expertise” SNCO. The delegation consisted of the following members: Mr. Petar Penava, Director of Red Cross Zagreb, Mr. Ivica Golubic, Deputy Director of Red Cross Zagreb and Mrs. Đurđa Adlešić, Chairman of “Croatia Helps’’ association. The two parties summed up the work done within the frameworks of cooperation, as well as discussed the possible projects they are foreseeing to implement in the nearest future. As a result of exchanging the views, a preliminary agreement was reached on the idea of continuing to organize exchange visits for children from mine impacted areas in the form of summer camps, as well as of expanding the frameworks of cooperation. On the same day the Croatian delegation was hosted by the Deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Health Care, Maternity and Childhood, Mr. Ara Babloyan and by the Deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, the Chairman of Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Mr. Artak Davtyan. Mr. Ara Babloyan and Mr. Ara Davtyan highly appreciated the support of the Croatian side towards the children from mine impacted borderline areas of Armenia and approved the planning of the further exchange visits. Mr. Babloyan and Mr. Davtyan expressed their readiness to organize consultative parliamentary discussions on the subject matter with the potentially interested ministries and instances to regulate and manage the exchange visits of the children from Croatia and Armenia, which have the final aim of providing them with rehabilitation vacations.
Visit of the RA Minister of Defense Vigen Sarkisyan to the CHDE SNCO 2017-06-10 On June 10, this year, the RA Minister of Defense Vigen Sargsyan visited the CHDE SNCO, accompanied with the RA Deputy Minister of Defense Ara Nazaryan. The aim of the visit was to get acquainted with the activities of the CHDE, as well as, to discuss the main perspectives of its further development. The Minister met personally each staff-member of the organization and got informed about the scope of activities of the latter. After that, the meeting with the managing staff of the CHDE took place, during which the Heads of Departments of the CHDE presented their departments respectively and reported upon the implemented activities. The Minister expressed a deep interest while listening to the presentations and reports, interfering with numerous questions. Summarizing the meeting, the Minister pointed out some urgent tasks of the CHDE, underlining the priorities of the latter. Since, the RA Ministry of Defense is the authorized state body of the CHDE SNCO, the current visit of the Minister, as well as, the followed discussions have been of a great importance for the effectiveness of the CHDE’s further activities.
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