Certificates handling ceremony at the Administrative Complex of the Defense Ministry of the RA 2012-11-24 The certificates handling ceremony of participants, involved in the “Non-Technical Survey” training course, organized by the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD), was conducted on November 24 in the Administrative Complex of the Ministry of Defense.  The Training Course was held on October 15- November 17.  During the first two weeks participants improved their theoretical knowledge, and during the next two weeks participated in the practical course in Syunik region.  Deputy Minister of Defense of the RA Ara Nazaryan delivered certificates and congratulated participants on the occasion of successful completion of the training course. Johannes Odendaal, the Head of the Armenian Office of Swiss Foundation of Mine Action, was also present at the ceremony, who informed that it is planned to fulfill Non-Technical Survey on the entire territory of Armenia until April of 2013. Watch video material >>
Armenian-American cooperation in the military sphere is developing dynamically 2012-10-29 During the meeting with Ray Mabus, the Secretary of Naval Forces of the US, who was in Armenia with official visit, Minister of Defense of the RA Seyran Ohanyan noted, that military cooperation between two countries is dynamically developing, and the joint activities will continue in 2013 as well. On October 28 delegation of the US Naval Forces, headed by the Secretary of the US Naval Forces Ray Mabus visited Armenia.  On October 29 Minister of Defense of the RA Seyran Ohanyan met with Ray Mabus in the Administrative Complex of the Ministry of Defense of the RA. A protocol session was conducted, which was followed by the joint briefing of the Minister of Defense of the RA and the Secretary of the US Naval Forces. The Minister of Defense of the RA Seyran Ohanyan expressed his gratitude to the Secretary of the US Naval Forces Ray Mabus for his visit and stressed dynamic development of Armenian-American cooperation in 2011-2012: «High-level mutual visits and consultations took place within the framework of cooperation. Regarding this visit, I would say it shows, that the RA and the US relations transform to higher level and have a tendency of dynamic development.  The cooperation in military sphere we hypothetically divide into two directions: first is the capacity building in peacekeeping sphere, which, beside just peacekeeping activities assumes intensification of cooperation in military medical field, as well as implementation of humanitarian demining activities.  The second direction are reforms in the sphere of defense, especially fulfillment of training in the military education field, formation of skilled sergeants’ system and certainly improvement of human resources management system, which we fulfill with the Naval Forces infantry as well, which is subordinate to the Secretary of Naval Forces.  All these indicate, that we dynamically develop our cooperation.  Joint activities will continue in 2013 as well”, told Seyran Ohanyan.  
Session of the Council of the Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise (CHDE) SNCO 2012-09-29 The session of the Council of the Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise (CHDE) SNCO was convened on September 29, chaired by the Deputy Minister of the Defense of the RA A. Nazaryan. The head of the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action, Armenian Office, Johannes Odendaal and the head of the Armenian Office of the International Organization for Migration Ilona Ter-Minasyan, participated at the Council.  Johannes Odendaal presented in details the recommendation of the Swiss organization, envisaged for assistance to demining activities in Armenia, which has been submitted for the US State Department approval. Special attention was paid to the humanitarian capacity building in demining activities, mapping of the mined territories, use of special equipment, including unmanned aerial vehicle, for demining activities, as well as the issues, related to the establishment of the board of trustees for facilitation of the cooperation with other international donor organizations.  Johannes Odendaal highlighted the commitment of the Swiss organization to fulfill the first phase of the program, developed with the Armenian side, which will provide possibilities in future to extend and expand cooperation in the area of humanitarian demining. The Council of the “Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise” (CHDE) SNCO is represented by the Deputy Ministers of Defense, Justice, Emergency Situations, Territorial Administration and is an advisory collegial body.  
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                                                               Mine in Syunik region 2013-02-11                                                    To the north from the parking lot, situated on the road from Khndzoresk to Sanasar (Ghoubatlou), on the adjacent site to the field road a OZM-72 type fragmentation AP Mine was discovered in the N site of Khndzoresk community.  Local self-governance bodies have been  informed on the discovery of OZM-72 AP Mine, to make respective decisions on the matter. 
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