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Sose Grigoryan Many of us have, studied, got higher education, married and raised the child in this life. The 27- year-old Sose Grigoryan from Karashamb village (Kotayk region, Armenia)  also did it all – although without the left eye and the left hand.  In 1998, a 13-year-old Sose saw “something  nice and shiny” on the village road and took it. As a result of explosion she lost her left eye and left hand. Nevertheless, Sose managed to study and graduated as a Bachelor in TV moderation and has a Master Degree in Radio Moderation. After the graduation, she applied many times for the job, but got denials, even as a baby-sitter, as she states all due to her physical shortcomings. As a handicapped of the 3-rd level, Sose gets her monthly pension from the state – 15800 AMD.  Her husband left abroad for the job, and she lives with her child at her parents’ at the moment.
Rafik Buduryan On May 13, this year, the CHDE visited village Nerkin Karmir Agbyur in Tavush region of Armenia, where we met Rafik Buduryan. Rafik is a mine victim. He was a participant at the Artsakh war and was injured by the mine explosion while implementing his military duty on 1 August, 1995. Living in the close vicinity to the Azerbaijan border (about300m), Rafik had impressed us with his limitless sense of patriotism, pride, and at the same time, modest behavior. Thus, to the question of why did he not applied to get any additional help till the present, we got the following answer: Because I did what I did in order to protect my motherland and not to get money and help from anybody. From now on, Rafik is being registered in our Victims List, which will be handed in to the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), based on which the registered victims will get the appropriate assistance. We are proud to have such co-citizens, like Rafik. Having such people like him in the close vicinity to our borders contributes to our sense of security and being protected.
Gagik Minasyan Village of Vanashen in Ararat region, Armenia. A home place for a 12-year-old Gagik Minasyan, who lived here with his mother and Grandmother. Having been grown up without a father, this little boy had to get to know from the very early age how hard the realities of the life are. Therefore, did he understand earlier than the others what does the sense of responsibility mean. Exactly from that understanding did he start to earn his money by implementing any possible work at the gardens of his co-villagers. So the little Gagik provided his cozy family, consisted of mother and grandmother with money. Everything could have been going on like that for many years and maybe one day this little boy, who got to know what is that – to earn the money from early age – would grow up and become a good businessman, if one day he did not find an abandoned ammunition, would not take it and hide it secretly in his room and, thus, would not been killed by the explosion of one of those “toys”. One sad story which, unfortunately, took place because of the carelessness of the grown-ups and also because of the little boy’s being not informed about the danger. Upon being informed on the case, the CHDE SNCO went to the village of Vanashen and visited the school, where Gagik was studying, and, provided the Mine Risk Education Lection to the pupils.
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